Blessed All Saints Day to all of you.

November 1st, every year, always, in the Christian calendar is All Saints Day. Often, this day is transferred to the next Sunday in order that it might be actually celebrated. I am glad about that since it is clearly a celebration that has been usurped, and for that matter, completely drown out by another Hallmark, secular creation, Halloween. Halloween is actually All Hallow’s Eve, getting ready for All Saints Day, the real celebration. You can see what it has become. I do not begrudge the fun we have with all of this. I hope you got to have some! But, I also do mourn the relative loss of All Saints Day.

So, on this day, during this week, perhaps you will get a chance to meditate on the saints that have entered your life, changed it, helped it, made it better. They come in all sorts and conditions, those you knew personally and virtually unknown to others, and the much more famous ones known to all. On this day, may we honor with our memory and through our lives, the great cloud of witnesses, those saints of God who have gone on before us.