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Today, January 12th, marks the second anniversary of the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti.
Although significant progress has been made in emergency relief and recovery, it will take many years to ensure safe housing, clean water and education for the people in the poorest country in the Western hemisphere.   It is too easy for us to forget such horrific events especially when we do not have to see it, or live in it every day.  However, the people of Haiti need us, and we especially in the Episcopal Church, have a connection that requires us to continue to pay attention to their needs.
The Diocese of Haiti is one of the largest (and poorest) dioceses of the Episcopal Church. A member of Province II, along with such dioceses as New York and New Jersey, the Diocese of Haiti is home to nearly 100,000 members, 97 churches, and over 200 Episcopal schools.* The earthquake on January 12, 2010 wiped out 70% of Episcopal Church buildings in a country where the per capita income is about $480.
The Bishop of Haiti and his people have asked for our help to rebuild the spiritual center of the Episcopal Church in Haiti, Holy Trinity Cathedral.  Holy Trinity Cathedral was totally destroyed. The Cathedral is more than a worship space.  It is an anchor of the Port-au-Prince community , a soocial service center, and the heart of the Episcopal cathedral complex that provides education, health care, interim housing while also meeting the spiritual needs of the community.
At our October 2011 Convention I announced the Diocese of Olympia’ goal is to contribute one $10 brick per member to the Cathedral rebuilding effort by the October 2012 Convention.  Our overall goal is $250,000 .
There will be many ways to participate in this campaign, but the main focus will be a Diocesan Easter Campaign. Parishes in the Diocese can support the effort by joining the Diocesan Easter season campaign, which will touch all aspects of parish life and culminate in gathering of financial support by Pentecost.  Parishes can choose to focus on the Haiti campaign at another time in the year, or hold a number of special events.
Jennifer Daugherty has graciously heeded my call to head up our campaign.  She is off and running and ready to help you.  You can contact Jennifer at
Clergy and parish leaders are asked to identify a parish coordinator for the campaign by the end of January.
You will find below the press releases this morning from the Presiding Bishop’s Office in both English and Spanish.
Please keep the Diocese of Haiti, and all the people in  your prayers.

The Episcopal Church

Office of Public Affairs

Marking the second anniversary of Haiti earthquake:

message from Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop,

powerful video of Haiti, images, resources

[January 11, 2012] As the second anniversary of the devastating earthquake in Haiti is marked on January 12, Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori reflected, “We are all diminished by the reality of the situation in Haiti.”

The January 12, 2010 earthquake devastated the Caribbean island country. Leveled were churches and diocesan facilities, including Holy Trinity Cathedral in the capital city of Port-au-Prince. The Episcopal Diocese of Haiti is the largest in the Episcopal Church. 

Since that time, the Episcopal Church has undertaken a focused effort on rebuilding the cathedral complex.

Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori issued a statement, and Bishop Jean Zaché Duracin of the Diocese of Haiti narrates a powerful video depicting the damage still evident in Port-Au-Prince as well as images of rebuilding.

Presiding Bishop’s statement

In a statement on the second anniversary, Presiding Bishop Jefferts Schori said:

The people of Haiti have suffered enormously in the aftermath of the earthquake in 2010.  At the same time, their creativity, faith, hope, and joy continue to lead them into a more gracious future. Yet we are all diminished by the reality of the situation in Haiti.  Reconstruction has been painfully slow, funds promised by other nations have not yet been paid or paid in full, and many, many people still live in tents.

The Diocese of Haiti has been serving the people of Haiti with schools (with more than 250 of them back in operation a few short months after the earthquake), with medical facilities, and the beginnings of spiritual and cultural healing. The partnership of Episcopal Relief & Development has helped to provide shelter, clean water, and some employment. The Episcopal Church as a whole is partnering to help the Diocese of Haiti rebuild the cathedral complex in Port-au-Prince. Before the earthquake, that complex included not only the cathedral with its world famous murals (three have been conserved), but a music school and philharmonic orchestral, a vocational school, a convent, and diocesan offices. Partnerships have helped to provide necessary infrastructure for strategizing and planning the redevelopment work. 

The Episcopal Church as a whole has had its heart expanded in the support and partnership with our sisters and brothers in Haiti.  I encourage you to continue your prayers, your active partnership in fundraising, and the solidarity that comes from learning about the situation and caring about the future. We all begin to experience more abundant life in caring for our neighbors.  I give thanks for the treasure that is Haiti, and urge the faithful accompaniment of the whole Episcopal Church withHaiti! 

Video of Haiti

Bishop Jean Zaché Duracin of the Diocese of Haiti narrates a powerful video about the conditions inHaiti, images of rebuilding, and offers his thoughts and reflections on the second anniversary.  The striking video, featuring photographic images of the devastation, is located here:


Among the prayerful resources marking the anniversary are Psalms for Haiti, an ecumenical celebration of music and meditation to commemorate those who died, and support those struggling to rebuild in the aftermath of the earthquake. Psalms for Haiti are located here:

More info

For more information on the effort to rebuild Haiti, check here:

On the web:

Marking the second anniversary of Haiti earthquake: message from Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop, powerful video of Haiti, images, resources

The Episcopal Church: www.episcopalchurc

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El segundo aniversario del terremoto de Haití:

mensajes de la Obispa Presidente de la Iglesia Episcopal

y del obispo de Haití, videos, fotos, recursos


En el segundo aniversario del devastador terremoto en Haití, la Obispa Presidente de la Iglesia Episcopal,  Katharine Jefferts Schori, reflexionó, “Todos hemos perdido por la situación en Haití”.

El 12 de enero de 2010 un terremoto devastó el país caribeño. Cayeron iglesias e instalaciones de la diócesis, incluida la Catedral de la Santa Trinidad en la capital de Puerto Príncipe. La Diócesis Episcopal de Haití es la más grande en la Iglesia Episcopal.

Desde entonces, la Iglesia Episcopal ha emprendido un esfuerzo centrado en la reconstrucción del conjunto catedralicio.

Declaración de la Obispa Presidente

En una declaración en el segundo aniversario, la Obispa Presidente Jefferts Schori dijo:

El pueblo de Haití ha sufrido enormemente a raíz del terremoto de 2010. Al mismo tiempo, su creatividad, fe, esperanza y alegría siguen llevándolos a un futuro más amable. Sin embargo, todos hemos perdido por la realidad de la situación en Haití. La reconstrucción ha sido muy lenta, los fondos prometidos por otras naciones aún no han sido pagados o pagados en su totalidad, y muchas, muchas personas siguen viviendo en tiendas de campaña.

La Diócesis de Haití ha estado sirviendo al pueblo de Haití con escuelas (con más de 250 de ellas de nuevo en funcionamiento unos pocos meses después del terremoto), con instalaciones médicas, y el comienzo de la curación espiritual y cultural. La Agencia Episcopal de Ayuda y Desarrollo  ha ayudado a proporcionar refugio, agua potable, y empleo a algunos. La Iglesia Episcopal en su conjunto se ha asociado para ayudar a la Diócesis de Haití a reconstruir el complejo de la catedral de Puerto Príncipe. Antes del terremoto, que el complejo incluía  no sólo la catedral, con sus famosos murales (tres se han conservado), sino una escuela de música y orquesta filarmónica, una escuela de formación profesional, un convento, y las oficinas diocesanas. Las asociaciones han ayudado a proporcionar la infraestructura necesaria para la formulación de estrategias y planificación de los trabajos de reurbanización.

La Iglesia Episcopal en su conjunto ha extendido su corazón en el apoyo y la colaboración con nuestros hermanos y hermanas en Haití. Os animo a continuar con vuestras oraciones, su colaboración activa en la recaudación de fondos, y la solidaridad que surge al conocer la situación y preocuparse por el futuro. Todos comienzan a experimentar una vida más abundante cuando cuidamos de nuestros vecinos. ¡Doy gracias por el tesoro que es Haití, e insto al fiel acompañamiento de toda la Iglesia Episcopal a Haití!

Mensaje del obispo Duracin

El Obispo Jean Zaché Duracin de la Diócesis de Haití ofrece sus pensamientos y reflexiones en el segundo aniversario. Su mensaje en vídeo, junto con el sorprendente video y las imágenes fotográficas de la devastación, se encuentran aquí: SE NECESITA ENLACE


Entre los recursos de oración con motivo del aniversario hay Salmos para Haití, una celebración ecuménica de  música y meditación para conmemorar a aquellos que murieron, y apoyar a aquellos que luchan por reconstruir tras el terremoto. Salmos para Haití se encuentran en:

Más información

Para más información sobre el esfuerzo de la reconstrucción de Haití, marque aquí:

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La Iglesia  Episcopal:

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