We are in our last full day in Indianapolis. I wanted to write this blog about people behind the scenes, the ones you will never hear a word about, or be able to find an interview of. It is difficult to know where to start. There are certainly many volunteers here from all over the church, who were not elected or appointed to anything but came anyway just to see this all work, or not. And either way, without them, none of this would be possible. Still yet, they are insiders in a way. I want to expand the look a bit. Those that have served us here, cleaned our rooms, cleaned up after us, taken us in cabs and limos around this city and to and from the airport, who have cleaned our towels and washed our dishes, to them I give a hearty thanks. This town did itself proud, this diocese did likewise. This is not a great labor town. I have spoken to several of our wait staff, who make $2.85 an hour, before taxes, and then live or die by tips. The hotel industry is in a mess, but when we come to town they have to pay union wages or we don’t use them. I wonder what it goes back to when we are gone? I have tipped well, wait staff, but also housekeepers. They especially are not being treated well in this town, but yet, they did a tremendous job.

And then there are those special few that help us especially in the House of Bishops. Francis is one very special person. She heads up the volunteer corp who keeps everyone off the floor but Bishops, and brings us copies, and manages the pages. She is a true delight. Her picture is the first one below. The next two are from picture day, with two great bishops of our age, Barbara Harris of Massachusetts and Gene Robinson of New Hampshire. And of course, our beloved +Nedi. The next videolink is a video of, what I called, the “flyer Gauntlet” You had to run this every day to get to the houses and those hawking whatever paper they were working with had to stand behind these ropes, like the old days of town criers.

In these last days humor is helpful, and it picks up speed and the crush of work is coming to an end. This morning we were treated to a musical presentation, the Five “Marks” of Mission and it is the final video link below.

As to some of the important issues we have passed here. I promise to take them one by one and blog about them, as I have more sleep, and rest, and reflection. If you have something you want me to specifically address, just ask, I will try. For now, I simply say thank you to all who make this happen, to Indianapolis, both city and diocese, and finally to all of you, on whose behalf we came. I am so ready to be home.