Dear Ones,

With Issac now moving off the East Coast and safely away from New Orleans, the clean up begins.  While not nearly as bad for some as Katrina, many are hurting and have lost everything.  Connie and Mark Uddo, dear friends of the Diocese of Olympia and so many of us personally, will be right in the thick of it.  Before and after the storm NBC followed Connie and Mark and the link below will take you to the full clip from NBC Nightly News.   Keep them in your prayers, along with all the people who have been affected and all who are responding.  There are already trips planned to continue our work with New Orleans
If you would like to donate for those working directly with them there are three ways I am supporting right now.  First, through the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana at

Episcopal Community Services of Louisiana, 1623 Seventh Street, New Orleans, LA 70115 or you can donate through our website at

Episcopal Community Services of Louisiana | Rebuilding the Beloved Community.

Simply mark your gift for Hurricane Isaac relief.

Second, Mississippi was also hit hard by this and is still recovering from Katrina.  You may make a contribution there by sending your donation to

The Diocese of Mississippi
P.O. Box 23107
Jackson, MS 39225

Katrina Contributions | Diocese of Mississippi.

And finally, Connie’s work directly, the Homecoming Center, which you can reach at

Home | St Paul’s Homecoming Center video: Helping Louisiana rebuild, yet again.