Today, O God, we remember times of war, times when men and women
served our nations and fought and died so that we and so many
others might live in freedom.  We are saddened to remember the
lives that were lost – and the cost that so many paid so that the
world might not  live in fear of oppression and violence.  Today,
O God, we remember and we are thankful for the sacrifices that
our soldiers and sailors and aircrew made so that their brothers
and sisters  and the generations that have followed them – both
here and in other nations – could live in peace.  We recall those
who served in places far from here – and those who served at home
and we thank you for what they did to hold high the torch and to
take up the quarrel with the foe.  We thank you, O God, and we
pray today for those like them who are serving our nations at home and
abroad in our armed forces – that you would keep them safe and
bring them home soon.

Finally, most Gracious God, we pray as well that all people on
earth will learn to live together as one family; – to share, that
none will be hungry or homeless; – to care so that none will be
oppressed or afflicted by violence, – to love and to respect one
another despite our differences, so that freedom might be more
than a word and so life might be more than a struggle to survive.
We ask it in the name of the Prince of Peace.   Amen.

Sent to me by the Rev. Michael Jackson (Based on a prayer of the United Church of Canada)