Dear Ones,

It has happened yet again.  A senseless shooting which this time has taken the purely innocent, children.  As our President shed tears trying to comfort the nation, he revealed the pain of such news.  When I received the news today we were in the first meeting of the Comprehensive Strategic Review Second Phase at Central Seattle Community College.  We stopped and offered prayers.  In that prayer I asked God that we not forget that these were our children, our neighbors, no matter how far away they are.   While a community and a nation grieves I pray that we will not forget that this is our problem, and it is a big one.   We have to find a way to get beyond responses that are a luxury of distance.   Coming just days after a shooting at Clackamas Mall just south of us in Portland, and several months away from the horrific shooting in a Colorado theater I fear our greatest danger, and some of what I feel now, is our getting used to it.   This is not something to get used to.

I have also contacted Bishop Ian Douglas, Bishop of Connecticut, who for the last triennium, has sat at my table in the House of Bishops, assuring him of our prayers.   I am calling on all congregations, this coming Sunday, to offer special prayers for the victims, for those who grieve their loss, and for a lasting reflection on our complicity in these events.

As you are able, open your doors to those who need a place to be quiet and reflect.  Say your personal prayers.  I can assure you of mine.

As always, Saint Mark’s Cathedral is a place where all are welcome to come for prayer and reflection. The Cathedral is open 7am to 7pm. Evening Prayer will be offered at 6:30 pm today. In McCaw Chapel (beyond the glass panels on the west wall of the Cathedral) there is a place where you may light candles in memory of those who have died.

Hug your family and those you love this night, and pray for those who cannot.