March 1, 2013

TO:    Congregation Leaders

FROM:    The Diocesan Steering Team

RE:    “Church” Survey

What comes to mind when you think of the word “Church”? Can you put your thoughts in 6 words or less? We really hope you will.

Perhaps more challenging, what do our neighbors think when they hear the word “Church”? We’d like to get them to put their thoughts in six words as well.

As we look toward the vibrant future God is calling us into, we need to know what we don’t know. This simple survey is a way to begin exploring what the church means to people, those in it and those not. We’re excited about this opportunity to learn, and intend to share the information broadly with you.

We’re asking our people across the diocese to help us distribute this survey. Please print and share the attached postcards with your congregations, encouraging them to offer postcards to people they encounter in their daily lives: friends and strangers, their grocery clerks and insurance agents, people who attend church and people who would never consider it. It’s impossible to distribute this too widely or get too much input.

(Our survey is also available online, so please distribute the link to your congregations and on your social media:

We’re grateful for your participation, and look forward to the results of this survey.

Kelly Nolen                Sarah Monroe
MaryAnn Seward            Brad Howard
Selene Nesland                Robert Ogden
Chuck Miller                Eliacin Rosario-Cruz
Doyt Conn                RC Laird
Greg Rickel                George Boyle
Jim Campbell                Greg Rhodes