So, Lent is siipping by.  I know that one problem for many of you was just finding the book, but I do hope those of you that wanted to find it, did.  I have heard from many of you, both as groups and individuals and I know the book has provoked thought and challenge.  Below, you will find the two videos I have produced so far just in case you did not get to see them on the diocesan web page.

But, today I wanted to leave you with a question.   I have often experienced in my discussions, and I have to admit, even in myself, as I read this book, the inclination to wonder what has to change beyond my circle of influence or control.  It is always easiest to go there.  The statements usually begin with something like, “If they would just…” or “When this finally happens, then….”   It made me think, and ask, what is one thing I could do, right now, to move closer to the church and mission Zscheile is speaking of?

Just one thing?  I would encourage you, in these waning days of Lent, to think of that, and to try to keep it from getting grandiose.  We always head that way, but it is the one step, the one thing we can do today that will begin the shift.   So, the challenge is not to find the most unique, or grandest change, but instead the one thing you can do now to move us ever more toward being a “sent” people, the missional church which more fully reveals Christ to the world.

Blessings to you all,