Today, we were once again awakened to the reality that we are not immune from the senseless violence that so much of the world faces and experiences nearly every day.  I found out later in the day that my goddaughter and her beloved were at the finish line in Boston.  They were shaken but not harmed, at least not physically, taken in by a friend, hunkering down in one of our major cities.  It is the greatest irony, and a sobering truth, that a memorial to the victims of Newtown was also displayed at the finish line.

My prayers this day go out to those who have died and their families, and those who have been permanently injured.  As I write this not much is known of the “why”.  If we ever receive more knowledge of that, certainly it could never suffice.

I hope this does awaken us to how easily we dismiss the same or worse that happens across this globe each day, to people we do not know, who do not look like us, but in our faith are every bit our brothers and sisters.   May those stories feel as “close to home” as this does and as I said after Newtown, may we never get used to hearing, seeing, or living through such events as today.

I leave you with the prayer our Presiding Bishop sent out today after this tragedy.

Gracious God, you walk with us through the valley of the shadow of death.  We pray that the suffering and terrorized be surrounded by the incarnate presence of the crucified and risen one.  May every human being be reminded of the precious gift of life you entered to share with us.  May our hearts be pierced with compassion for those who suffer, and for those who have inflicted this violence, for your love is the only healing balm we know. May the dead be received into your enfolding arms, and may your friends show the grieving they are not alone as they walk this vale of tears.  All this we pray in the name of the one who walked the road to Calvary.