Today is November 1st, which marks the official end of my four month sabbatical.  I awoke this morning to email. (Yes, that dreaded automatic reply is gone!)  I am back already doing things I have not done for those months, and actually enjoying that.  I truly hope I will do some things differently, and I have focused on some of that, but being able to do them again is a joy which makes me know the sabbatical was needed and that it worked!

The Feast of All Saints is celebrated every November 1st in much of Western Christianity.   It begins at sunrise and finishes at sundown.  In our part of the world that makes this day and celebration a little shorter but certainly give us enough time to pay attention to the saints around us.   Two days ago I stopped by my local PCC and almost always, sitting there, is a wonderful woman who sells “Real Change”.  I can’t tell you how many times she has brightened my day as I rushed by her.  But that would be my point, I rushed by her.  I hope to write more about “taking time” but during these four months I did try to do better at that.  This wonderful saint is one I finally slowed down enough to do that with and that time has blessed my life.

As I begin, what I hope and pray will be a “soft landing” back from four months away I want to thank you for this time.  If you are reading this, in some way you allowed it to happen, made room for it, even if you don’t think you did.

On this journey I met many saints, and the absence from so many of you made me realize my great blessing in working and living with so many on a daily basis.  My challenge to you today is to contemplate those saints you have known that have changed your life, redirected it, blessed it.  And perhaps the greater challenge,  find the every day person, the one that sometimes is not noticed, the one who changes the world through small, silent acts and thank them for it.

Blessed All Saints,