This past Sunday an event was held at St. Mark’s Cathedral where the creation of the Hallock Institute was announced.  Named for Dr. Peter Hallock, the creator and music director of Compline and St. Mark’s for 40 years after, a man who just turned 89 and was in attendance at the event, Compline has been a thriving and important part of the Seattle spiritual experience for almost 60 years.   In this story by Joel Connelly, this service is highlighted.  In it you will find a short documentary by my favorite documentarian, my son, Austin Rickel.  There is also an excellent interview with Dr. Hallock by Markdavin Obenza.  Kenneth Peterson, author of Prayer as Night Falls: Experiencing Compline was also present and reading from his book.   My review of this book included these words:

In a lifetime there are those few rare liminal moments when the ancient tradition of a people comes together and aids the imagination of the present in such a way that lives are changed forever.  Certainly one such moment was the creation, and now the cultivation and care of, Compline at St. Mark’s Cathedral, Seattle.  For that half century that moment has been a comfort and anchor for so many who needed to be closer to the Holy One.  “Prayer as Night Falls” is a tribute and song to and for this blessed moment which continues to this day

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