That pretty much sums up this day. It started with a trip to Bethany, to celebrate Mary and Martha, and for me a first, a camel ride.

Walking down the Mount of Olives with our pilgrims, a man ferrying people up and down the steep slope in a taxi passed us with a big smile saying these words, :Don’t Worry Be Happy, Hosanna, Hosanna” Reminding us of that march we were commemorating, with Palms, and joy. Not knowing what was coming next. On the Mount, one of our Navajoland Pilgrims, Cornelia, offered the prayers, and then offered the corn pollen blessing, to the four directions. I do believe, if I had to bet on it, this was the first time that had ever been done there. It was quite moving for all of us.

Here is the Olympia group minus Brenda Sol who we could not find but who is very much with us!
Olympia pilgrims

We moved on to Gethsemane. This has always been a powerful spot, and it proved so today too.

Here are two reflections from Alfredo Feregrino and Michael Wright.

In the afternoon we had the great blessing of several hours at the Israel Museum, where the Dead Sea Scrolls can be seen among many more amazing things. Back at St. George’s Cathedral where we are staying, we had one of the most powerful presentations of our trip from two men from a group called Parent’s Circle. Look it up. One a Jew, one a Palestinian, and both having lost children in this struggle. The professed their love for one another, and for peace. I wish I could have you all hear them.

After dinner, we were offered a night walk through the old city, and a visit to the Western Wall. This was a great day. Hosanna, Hosanna!