Dear Ones,

As we sit down with friends and family to watch the Super Bowl, and a Seahawks win, we cannot forget those around the world who are not nearly as fortunate as us, and who do not have the luxury of spending such time. So, along with those rooting for the other team – but those of us on the same Episcopal Team – we have a fun proposal that shall give us all a chance to remember our world too.

Bishop Robert O’Neill of the Diocese of Colorado and I have issued our respective dioceses a challenge: to see who can give the most to Episcopal Relief and Development before kick-off Sunday at 3:30 PM Pacific. I hope the people of Olympia will give generously to ERD as we prepare to cheer on our Seattle Seahawks

People who want to donate should go Episcopal Relief and Development
and click donate now. Select “Global Needs” and enter the amount you wish to donate. After filling out your address and other information there is an option titled “Would you like to dedicate this donation?” Click “yes, in honor of” and in the box put Super Bowl Seattle. ERD will announce which diocese gave the most money to ERD after kick-off!

Go Seahawks!