In thanksgiving for the expansiveness of our church and especially for our sisters and brothers in this center of the world that we may carry their faithful and fearless witness to our dioceses and people;

In thanksgiving for the Eucharistic meal in which we taste and see the goodness of the Lord and from this table resolve to fill all the tables of the world

That we may walk lightly on the ground of God’s creation, so that the generations to come may live in a garden bounteous and overflowing with clean air to breath, and pure water to replenish the springs of life (prayers written and prayed by Bishop Geralyn Wolf)

Our days are winding down.  As I write this we are in our final whole day and tomorrow morning we head to the airport.  When I think about the journey from the airport a week ago, my state of being, my wonderment about this journey, this meeting, this place, I am certain I leave with riches and gifts which have changed me remarkably.  Changed by the grace, the hospitality, the love of this people here, Episcopalians, Christians, Buddhists, all.  Changed by being able to witness the incredible dedication to our faith while being such a small minority in this country and yet while being such a small group, making such a huge impact.

We have, in these last few days heard from the Bishops and Archbishops of Korea, Philippines, and Japan.  All of them sharing the witness of this church in their contexts.  It has been rich and full.  I leave inspired by all of that, balanced with the fear of all we have lost  in our context, where we live still under the assumption we are the majority.  There is an edge we lose in that.

So my trip tomorrow will be very different, because I will be different  This is the only answer I have to those who have questioned this trip.  Quite frankly more people with passports and using them would make the world smaller, and perhaps more peaceful.  Leaders are called to lead, and sometimes we are called to do that by going to those places where we learn, and bringing that back to the ongoing conversation and life at home.  I will do that soon, and I look forward to sharing these experiences.

Today, at our Eucharist our Chaplain, Simon Bautista reminded us that we are to travel light, and that our home is the Reign of God.  We move tomorrow.  Blessings to all who have followed this blog and thanks to all those here who have hosted us so well and have graced us with a glimpse of their faithful and fearless witness.