Dear Ones,
As we sit down once more with friends and family to watch the Super Bowl and another Seahawks win, we cannot forget those around the world who are not nearly as fortunate as us, and who do not have the luxury of spending such time.    In fact, last year a few shared their concerns with me, and their unhappiness with this challenge,  pointing out the serious issues with pro sports and some of the behaviors, especially the exploitation of women that can surround it.   In fact, in this past year we have seen that play itself out before our eyes.  I want to state clearly that is not lost on me.  At the same time, the Church is called to redeem, in all ways it can, such realities.  This challenge is an attempt to do just that.

Last year, Bishop Robert O’Neill, of the Diocese of Colorado, and I challenged each other and the people of our dioceses to see who could raise the most money for Episcopal Relief and Development for the Super Bowl kick-off. Together we raised more than $30,000 for ERD, with the Diocese of Olympia raising the most money, just as our Seattle Seahawks scored the most points against the Denver Broncos.  With the Seahawks in the Super Bowl once again, the Super Bowl Challenge is on for another year!

I have challenged Bishop Alan M. Gates, of the Diocese of Massachusetts and the people of both dioceses to Super Bowl Challenge 2015 Bishop Gates has joined me in this challenge! The challenge is to see who can donate the most to Episcopal Relief & Development before the Super Bowl kickoff on February 1 at 3:30 PM Pacific Time. It’s easy to show both your diocesan team spirit and your spirit of compassion by going to Super Bowl Challenge 2015 Click on “Team Seahawks” at the bottom of the page (below the videos and just above the “Team Patriots” link).

All funds donated, regardless of team, will go to the Episcopal Relief & Development 75th Anniversary Fund, which supports ongoing programs and new initiatives in nearly 40 countries worldwide in areas of hunger relief, economic opportunity, healthcare, and disaster response.

Let’s put some good for the world into this event.  Support your team, our diocese, but most especially those who most need our attention and help around the world.  Donate early, donate often! Super Bowl Challenge 2015

Go Hawks! Go ERD!!!