Well, when it came to the field last night, it did not go our way.  I sense a sadness around the city today.  Personally, I am so glad it is over.   And this year, thanks to our fellow Episcopalians in Massachusetts, we raised over $40,000 together, besting our $31,000 total last year.  ERD asked us not to give the final team totals, but the final collective total was $41, 812.  Team Patriot definitely won that battle too.  We had an uphill battle against a much larger group of Episcopalians, but that is the greatness of being united in the Body of Christ.  For those who need us to be united, those across this globe that could care less about a game, we shared a victory.   I called and talked to Bishop Gates before the game, and conceded after it!   No matter what team you cheered for on the field, we all won in this game.

Blessings, and many thanks for all who participated and gave to this great cause.