Today, as all days, started early!   But it was a great day.   There are days here that pretty much look alike as far as schedule and this was one of those.  The grind, and I might add the ironic reality, of “perfecting” resolutions that most people will never look at again after we are finished here.  But, in between all that normal schedule, a lot of wonderful things happen.   On this day, early in the day, the convention received word of the Supreme Courts decision on same sex marriage.   Most were in committees at that time and in almost all of them, some one interuppted with this news.  Generally, there was much rejoicing here in that.    At the same time we heard of the terrible news of terrorism all over the globe and the loss of life in that.

On a very happy note, our Olympia Youth Delegation arrived in Salt Lake City, and we all met at the morning Eucharist. GC Olympia Youth  I loved seeing them, and all day I heard how wonderful it was for people to meet them, in the exhibit hall I heard it, in the House of Bishops, from a group that gathered with Heidi Kim, Missioner for Racial Reconciliation, and a member of St. Mark’s Cathedral, the night before to discuss racism.

We also were able to find Maddy Gonzales who is part of the “official” youth deputation.  She was able to join our group for a photo too.  GC Youth deputation2GC olympia youth4After Eucharist, we went into a joint session where the House of Deputies and House of Bishops meet together.  The four nominees for Presiding Bishop were officially placed into nomination.  Then we held a joint, small group conversations on structure of the church, starting with the church wide structure, then province, then diocese.  They attempted to mix up the deputations so my group, along with half of our deputation talked with the Diocese of Bethlehem (PA), and the other half spoke wiht the Diocese of New York.   Our deputation, by the way, has a great location this year, right near the front.   The picture below is taken from that vantage point. GC presiding officers  This shows the two presiding officers with President of the House of Deputies Gay Jennings to the left, and Presiding Bishop Katherine Jefforts-Schori to the right.

As i have been trying to show through pictures we have a lot of wonderful Olympia folk here who have offered themselves as volunteers.  While sitting in joint session I captured this photo of Joe McGuire, St. Bede’s, Port Orchard and give to many diocesan ministries, front and center in his role! GC joe Mcguire

GC diane aid

And then there is Dianne  Aid, here doing her usual great work!

Our youth are going to sit in on legislative sessions and see as much as they can see.  They are staying at All Saint’s Church in Salt Lake City which is where the Rev. Mike Mayor, Rector of St. Mary’s Lakewood, was before coming to Olympia. They told me they have experienced wonderful hospitality there.

This was also Camp and Conferences Day at General Convention, where all are asked to wear their “colors” from their diocese. GC Camp shirts Here is our deputation in our shirts.  We, in Olympia, are of course blessed with two fantastic facilities that are wonderfully run and great assets to our ministry, Camp Huston and St. Andrew’s House.  Not in the picture is my St. Andrew’s House hat!

There are also many planned and impromptu activities around General Convention.   After the Supreme Court decision today, there was a celebratory march put on by Integrity, and the Rev. Rachel  Taber-Hamilton joined them.  Here she is leaving to join the march.  GC Rachel intgrity Another long day but  a good one.