This day started bright and early at 7:15 a.m. with Claiming Common Ground March against Gun Violence.  I have not heard a final count but I feel sure at least 3000 people marched from the Salt Palace to Pioneer Park.  You can view a video of us coming into Pioneer Park here.

The march was punctuated by facts about guns in our country, by testimony by several in law enforcement, and by a mother who was part of the shopping mall shooting in Salt Lake City in 2007 in which she was shot and her daughter was killed.  It was very moving, and quite compelling.  Deputy Katrina Hamilton of Olympia was interviewed and you can read that article GC Gun March,,,

After the march many in our deputation met up with our youth delegation from Olympia.  Maddy Gonzolas, one of the 16 official youth presence, from St. Mary’s, Lakewood, also joined us.  They asked great questions.

gc youth at breakfastGC Katrina explains







Here Deputy Katrina Hamilton is teaching them how to use our “virtual binder” which is basically an Ipad issued to every deputy and bishop which contains all the documents needed for convention.  This used to be a huge three ring binder and several books.


We all then moved to the Daily Eucharist.  This Sunday Eucharist was the UTO ingathering and more than 4 million dollars was brought in.  On this same day I was notified that we received a UTO grant for $15000 to be utilized in the Soccer for Peace program in the refugee camps where so many Sudanese reside.  It was a wonderful reminder of just how the funds we saw brought in today actually work in ministry.

At lunch I attended the Asia Ministry Luncheon, and then we had a legislative session in the afternoon.  Spotted a few people from Olympia again around the convention

GC kara and Senior WardenSt. Aidan’s, Camano Island is in the house!!






GC Linda, marti, caraLinda Potter, Marti my wife and Cara from Camano Island again,





GC James and Donna

St. Paul’s, Seattle!





GC Malcolm




St. Mark’s Cathedral!



GC Nedi


Our Suffragan Bishop, and now Provisional Bishop of Eastern Oregon, and forever friend Nedi Rivera.




And then finally, an evening off!

Here are two of the smartest people at this convention, who have figured out just how to survive it.  GC babies sleeping

Bless you all,