Direct, urge, encourage, require, …. It seems we argue over these words, and in the course of the meaning of so many of these resolutions we take up, the meaning, import, and outcome of the resolution entirely rests on one such word.

I struggle with it all.   Because this is, all of it, really about one word, and one person, Jesus.   Yes, I know he is there, and that he is the ultimate reason we gather, and debate, and move, but quite often he seems to get lost in the midst of this . If he did show up he probably wouldn’t have enough money even to be a visitor at convention.   Not having the right color badge he would be stopped at the door, not allowed onto the floor of the House of Deputies or the House of Bishops’.   If he did, he would have to get in line to get his time at the mic.   I always get to this point about now.

Still, good things happen.  I like what happens “around” the official stuff, the family reunion, the meeting of people that are only connected in other ways but finally get to see each other face to face.  This happened to me yesterday in the exhibit hall.   A woman came up to me and said she had always wanted to meet me in person.   Of course, I asked why?  She said I listen to every sermon you post.   I can’t wait to get them, and they have been so good for me.   She is from Guam.  GC GuamShe said she wasn’t sure she would ever get to meet me.   I told her I was so glad to meet what must be a very small group, those who listen to my every sermon!

Yesterday, in the House of Bishops we took up the marriage resolutions, two of them, and after a lot of deliberation, change, prayer, and silence, we adopted them, moving the discussion and practice of marriage equality in this church a bit more.   GC marriage dbateHisako Beasley captured this picture of me during the discussion in the House of Bishops.

At the end of this day the House of Bishops celebrated the Presiding Bishop, and the great gift and blessing she has been to each of us in this House and this Church.   And the final meeting was with our Olympia Deputation, who continues to represent you well and to work so very hard.

Beyond the deputation, so many have come from our diocese to volunteer, in so many ways.  Without them, this convention would not work or go.   Here are a few more from our diocese I have spotted.

GC Shari GarmiGC olympia peopleGC Kim girls