I was honored to meet a very special person in my office a few weeks ago, Fr. Dale Johnson.   He is a Syriac Orthodox Priest, who grew up in Anacortes and now lives in the Mor Gabriel Monastery, it is the oldest surviving Syriac Orthodox monastery in the world. It is located on the Tur Abdin plateau near Midyat in the Mardin Province in southeastern Turkey.  From here he has aided many Christian Refugees fleeing the torment in Iraq and Syria.   He has come up with a remarkable way for us to help, a modest one I must say, and he also offers an invitation to those who may want to join him on a trek in September to visit this part of the world.

You can watch the video here

Please pray for him, those he knows and works for here, and for our place in helping our brothers and sisters who need to know they are not forgotten.