That is written on a wall here.  Written in stone by early Christians. We came.   They made their pilgrimage and now so have 33 more.   Yesterday we walked the Via Dolorosa (the Stations of the Cross) and as always it was profound, mystical, life changing.


 We visited St George Angkican Cathedral today and were graciously hosted by Archbishop Duwani.

 And then this afternoon we said goodbye to these fine folk for their return home.  They head off for a locked down New York so keep them in your prayers.

Bishop Beisner and I stay on for a few more days for visits to several of the ministries of the Diocese of Jerusalem.

We came.  And if you know any of these folks asked them about what they saw and heard and if they are glad they did.



PS. Well they got to stay a little longer. Turns out New York truly was locked down.  We hope to get them out tonight.   We attended services at St George Cathedral and heard an excellent sermon by the Dean Hosam Naoum who graciously invited us into the service and welcomed our group most warmly.  Good to be here for the Sunday for Christian Unity.  So an extra day in Jerusalem!