Yesterday, on Maundy Thursday, it was my great blessing to be at Chaplains on the Harbor in Westport, and then in Hoquiam, to meet once again my friends at the Tent City there.  As always it was so good to be with the Rev. Sarah Monroe, and Aaron Scott, who lead and care for this ministry.

In Westport, we ate lunch, prayed, washed feet, shared Eucharist, and then we walked the Stations of the Cross.  The Stations were far from the traditional ones.  These were created by this unique and beautiful congregation.   We were invited to walk, and read, and pray.  It was profound and very moving.  It, for me, brought Christ, and his suffering ever closer.

I offer them to you, on this day, this Good Friday.

SOTC introSOTC station1

SOTC station2

SOTC station5

SOTC station4

SOTC station3



SOTC station6


SOTC station8

SOTC station7


SOTC station9

SOTC station10

SOTC station11

SOTC station14

SOTC station12

Here is a link to more about Stetson’s story and the appeal to help pay for his funeral and cremation

SOTC station13

Blessed Good Friday,