The Rev. Jim Friedrich has blogged a very fitting tribute,  and challenge, to us on this Labor Day.   We used to pay more honor and tribute to the importance of labor, and the injustices often in it, in our Sunday worship than we often do now.   While a Rector, my Stewardship Committees would often take Labor Sunday to do just that.  We prayed for the injustices that still occur for so many who work tireless hours.   We prayed for those who could not find work.  We posted and discussed ways we could take action in all those situations.  And we also celebrated the work and labor of so many who often are not celebrated.  We would ask people to bring some tangible example of their work to put at the foot of the altar.  As the day went by the altar became more and more filled.   We were clear, if you drive a forklift, bring the keys!   But there were phones there, business cards, some children brought their homework.  A mailman once brought his mailbag and laid it there, tears in his eyes.  He told me, ” no one has ever said my work is holy.”    Jim’s excellent blog reminds us, we ought not lose the power and truth in what that mailman knew.

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