Is the Refugee crisis across our globe.  One of the worst parts of this crisis is right in our hemisphere and directly in our sphere of influence.  Tomorrow begins an United Nations Summit on Refugees and Migrants.  A major player in this Summit will be Noah Bullock, Executive Director of Cristosal, an organization focused on this issue especially in El Salvador, one of the most violent countries currently and one of the most affected by this issue.  Also presenting will be his colleague in this work, Hannah Perls, who began her service with Cristosal as a missionary sponsored by the Diocese of Olympia.

With their help and encouragement I produced the following video about this issue

Today, the 18th Noah and Hannah live streamed their presentation on violence and immigration in Central America at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Chestnut, Pennsylvania.

Tomorrow, Monday the 19th, Noah and Hannah will be broadcasting Noah’s reflections on the UN Summit from New York on the Cristosal Facebook page. You can watch through the day.

Tuesday the 20th, the Center for Migration Studies of New York will be hosting a Shadow Summit titled The US Response to Central American Refugees on the edges of the UN Summit. Noah will be a presenter.

You can see much more about Cristosal at their website.

Say your prayers, but take action too.  Give to Cristosal, learn more, act.