Dear Ones,

In this human community we share on earth, one of the greatest gifts we can have is the right to vote, and to live in a country where peaceful transitions of power are the expectation, and the history.   We have witnessed both being questioned in this election season which will, at the very least, end in a vote tomorrow November 8th.

St. Mark’s Cathedral is hosting an Interfaith Prayer Vigil for an Election tonight at 7 pm.  You will find more details here and below.  All are invited.  And I know many churches are providing prayers services on the day and evening of election day, I have heard from St. Hilda-St. Patrick Edmonds, and St. Clements’s, Seattle both of these begin at 7 p.m. Tuesday night.     St. Andrew’s, Port Angeles will be open for prayers all day and hold a Eucharist at noon.  I am sure there are many more.  But if you cannot make it to one of these, say your prayers anyway, wherever you are.

I ask you all to pray for our country, and the world which our country so greatly affects, and which we are also often guilty of ignoring.

We should pray that every eligible person who wants to vote can vote.    We should continue to pray for softer words.  Clarity and Kindness are not mutually exclusive.  We should also pray for the candidates of all the races, their families, their staff.  This is a long haul.  We all know what it feels like to put so much into a task, and have it come to an end.  We should pray for civility, and enact our prayers by being civil ourselves.   We should pray for ourselves, that our actions post-election might reflect the values and hope for this great experiment called the USA.

If you have not already voted, I pray that you will.  Exercise that awesome right, the right given to citizens of countries where the stated value is one of equality, peace, and security for all people, even when we don’t always get that right.

Blessings to you all,


Interfaith Prayer Vigil for the Election Saint Mark’s Cathedral Monday Nov 7 at 7pm

As we move toward the election of new leaders for the United States and in our local communities, the Cathedral opens its doors for a special interfaith service of prayer, offering to God our fears and frustrations, our hopes and our dreams. Jewish, Muslim and Christian faith leaders as well as civic leaders will be present and will lead us in prayers for those in elective office, for those with whom we disagree, and for healing in our nation. This is a nonpartisan occasion for the Pacific Northwest community to unify in prayer and presence with one another.  You can see and find out more here

Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome here. Vigil will be held in the Cathedral Nave.