Dear Ones,

On this day we call Thanksgiving, I am reminded of those people and things I am so thankful for most days.   I am so thankful for my beloved companion in this life, Marti, and my incredible son Austin.  I have the deepest gratitude for the ministry we share in a place called Olympia, and the greater church.

As you gather with those you love today, may you be reminded that family is more than DNA, and that this world needs, more than ever, hearts that are willing to expand that definition.  I will remember those who gave their lives so that we might be here, some wittingly, and so many unwittingly.   I will remember those still standing their ground at Standing Rock.   I will remember refugees throughout the world, for immigrants who at this very hour are making the treacherous and unsure journey to be in such a place as we are fortunate to be.   I will remember those who do not feel loved, and do not feel capable of giving love.

I pray you are surrounded by love today.    May this day be Thanksgiving for you.