This is the wall in Bethlehem. Dividing Jews and Palestinians, dividing Israel and Palestine, dividing the Holy Land.  

These signs are all up and down this section of the wall. 

Sister Lode of the Sisters of Charity who runs the orphanage known as the crèche.  We have grown to know her in our visits and she is a a true saint.  I told her while giving her our groups donation that when I hear the words “living stones” I see her face.  This place takes in abandoned children.  Most are born due to rape and incest and their Muslim mothers face death in “honor” killings if the pregnancy is found out.  I am always moved to tears here and today was no different 

Huda, my new friend. She is blind but loved holding hands 

Singing in the Chapel at the crèche 

Our panel of fabulous students at Bethlehem University.  Muslims and Christians living in harmony and learning together.  These are wonderful students and people! 

Two more pilgrims give their reflections 

The Rev. Terry Kyllo