The Holy Land Pilgrimage for 2017 has come to an end for most of us.  For the Rev. Sara Fischer, Rector of St. Paul’s, Seattle it is going to go a bit longer.  Sara tripped over a vehicle barrier and broke her hip on our trip.  She underwent a total hip replacement at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem and when we saw her on our last day she was doing very well!  She even stood.  Her husband Mark flew in on Wednesday night and after a few days of recovery we believe they will be able to return.   Keep them both in your prayers.

Our last few days were filled with great things.  We walked the Way of the Cross ending in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.  We visited the Temple Mount.

We sang in St. Anne’s Church which has perhaps the best acoustics in Jerusalem.  It is always a joy.  Here is a bit of it!

We went to Qumran, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found,hl-2017-qumran

we floated in the Dead Sea,

we prayed at the Western Wall, hl-2017-western-walland and I finally did something I have always wanted to do but have not made time for, a long time pilgrim tradition, getting a tatoo.  We went to Razzouk Tatoos which has been doing tattoos in Jerusalem for 800 years.   This picture shows mine, and the olive wood block used to set the design is 500 years old! My wife, mother, and four other pilgrims joined in too!

Finally, a meal in Jaffa on our way to Tel Aviv, and a beautiful sunset over the Mediterranean Sea. hl-2017-jaffa-sunset

A profound pilgrimage,  a wonderful group of 38 who will be forever bonded by this journey.   I do hope still, in the days ahead, to have some more of our pilgrims from this diocese to share on video their feelings, impressions, reflections, and discovery.

Thanks for sharing it with us via the internet.