Still at the New Community Conference at Camp Allen Texas.  Today began again with a remarkable, moving, and inspiring presentation by Ms. Bernadette Ellorin.  She spoke on justice and the church and the church’s people coming out of our shells about money and racism and classism.   

She spoke powerfully of the modern day slavery of human trafficking and forced immigration.   

Just before that the day started for me with an excellent experience which I rarely have to encounter.  I walked into the large meeting room to find groups in all corners very apparently posing for pictures.  The video below shows the joyous scene. 

I looked all around and began to ask myself questions, What are the groups?  Are they based on race? Province? Role?  Finally, I asked myself, where is my place?  I did not have an answer.  So I sat and watched and took the video below.  I said this was a good experience and I believe that.  I walked into this room and had that experience in this small but important place.  But those who have witnessed to me, here, in these days must soon walk into a world, and I have to say it, a Church, where they experience it every day.