Today’s DACA decision by President Trump is, to me, a new low for this country that claims to be so compassionate and, even more ironic,  a country made up entirely of immigrants, with a short history, where the ancestors of all of those making today’s decision arrived uninvited not that many generations ago,  “taking” this country from others who had called it home for centuries.   How will they pay for the crimes of their ancestors for which they had no ability to decide?  That brutality, short-sidedness, and white supremacy continued today with this decision.

As I have said repeatedly, getting organized and clear on an immigration policy for this country is greatly needed, but to punish these children, who had no decision making ability in these cases, is completely unnecessary and has nothing to do with safety, with job security for others, or any other stated rationale.  I am baffled by our fear and our need to purge those who we perceive as “other.”  It lacks compassion and has no ring of adherence to the life, ministry, and witness of Jesus Christ.

Please see the Presiding Bishop’s and the President of the House of Deputies Joint Statement in English and in Spanish here

And then pray for those living with the fear and uncertainty of this decision and for our country.