I was blessed to go to Tanana about 130 miles northwest of Fairbanks. I thought it would be better to show you then tell you so I took a lot of video, put it all together in a nice 20 minute video with music, and fade in and fade out, and then could not, for the life of me, get it to load to You Tube or this blog, due to the wifi in our hotel and other issues.  I am going to to save it and send it when I get decent wifi, but I wanted to give you a taste so here goes.  We flew there, which was an experience in and of itself, but it is the way of life here.

I went to Tanana, a village which sits at the confluence of the Yukon and Tanana Rivers.  Here is a video of our walk to that overlook, known as Mission Hill.

We all spread out across Alaska to see the land and meet the people and to bless the land as well. Here is the video of our blessing in Tanana,

and then them blessing us back!

As I said I plan to post a full description and more indepth one of the day when I get back to broadband.  No video could ever capture the amazing depth and spirit of these people.

Sunday, I attended church at St. Jude’s, North Pole.   It was my great honor to sit with Mr. Jack Coghill, former Lt. Governor of Alaska and one of only two surviving writers of the Alaska constitution.   He is 92 years old and a proud and learned Episcopalian.  Jack Coghill

St, Jude Altar

After church at St. Jude’s we traveled about 50 miles to the village of Nenana, where this whole community showed up to welcome us, and to treat us to Potlatch.   Here is a video of our welcome.

​After the blessing of the moose soup, we were treated to moose meat, and many other wonderful treats.  We were all given handmade bead necklaces, made by those in the village.  We were so very warmly welcomed and I will never forget this experience.

Potlatch door2

The Presiding Bishop, as our Chief, was given special gifts and I after being gifted you are really expected to dance, and he can, and he did!


Potlatch door

Many blessings from Alaska!