The last two days of our meeting in Fairbanks were filled with meetings and discernment as we discussed the letter to the Church regarding our time, and especially as it relates to the environment, race, and the indigenous people of our world. You can find the entire text of that letter in this ENS Article regarding the end of our meeting.

We also heard reports about the damage and clean up going on in the various places affected by hurricanes. Many of you have asked how you can help. Puerto Rico is still in rescue and recovery mode. They are certainly not ready for visitors as many residents are leaving the island. This will come in time, but not yet. Some parts of Florida are in the same state, but getting closer to welcoming. Texas is welcoming people now. If you actually want to physically go and help this website will help. This website coordinates with many of the best known agencies, even directly connecting you to a specific family or home, where you can go help them clean out their house, etc.

Also, each diocese affected, has on their websites, ways to give and ways to help if they are ready to take volunteers.

Diocese of West Texas

Diocese of Texas

Diocese of Southeast Florida

Diocese of Southwest Florida

Diocese of Puerto Rico

And, as always, giving to Episcopal Relief and Development helps in all these areas.

I have to give a huge thank you to the Diocese of Alaska and their bishop Mark Lattime for the warm welcome, the amazing hospitality, and the inspiration of their spirit and commitment to Christ. I now, and always will, have a deep feeling for Alaska and her people.