This week, while going through the lab work for my annual physical, I met a wonderful lab tech.   He was obviously from another country.  I asked him his country of origin and he smiled and replied, “I guess I can tell you I am from one of those s(&^hole countries.”  I held my head in shame and then found myself apologizing to him, embarrassed by what has seemed to become acceptable in our country and assuring him I did not think it was.   Even sadder, that all of this comes just prior to the weekend we celebrate the life of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Racism is a real and present sin in our church, and in our country.   If you have followed me at all you know full well I do not exclude myself.   No individual, no church, no country will ever get well, if it doesn’t believe it is sick.

This video was produced and filmed before the events of this past week, and yet, I hope you will watch it with exactly that in mind.