As any of you who may have seen it I was shocked and saddened to see the story of DeShawn Horne, a United States Postal worker, who was brutally attacked in a racially motivated hate crime on Friday, January 20th.   You can read more here  He is fighting for his life now in Harborview, Seattle.   There will be a prayer vigil tonight and you are invited and encouraged to attend.   You can find all of the details for that vigil here

A Go Fund Me account has also been set up to help this family with medical expenses and lost wages.  You can give to that here

In addition to this the family has requested help with parking passes and meals for his mother and family while he is in ICU.  Harborview no longer gives such passes to the families.  I am going to attempt to cover these expenses for them and if you wish to give to that fund you can give to the Bishop’s Discretionary Fund.  Any money taken in for this which is not utilized will be given to the Go Fund me Account mentioned above.

Along with your prayers, I encourage you to act and to give, and even more to continue to work so that such hate is not a part of our common life.

Here is a bit more about this event and about Mr. Horne from the site:

Dashawn Horne was assaulted in a brutal manner this past Friday night, January 20, 2018. He was an innocent victim of a heinous crime.  The doctors say that he has a long road ahead towards recovery, he will be in intensive care for at least a month before transferring to a neurology unit for another month with the expectation of eventaully being transferred to a rehabilitation center for up to six months.  Dashawn is an amazing father brother, son and friend to many of you. He is funny, loving, strong, hard working clerk for the United States Postal Service.  Dashawn loves to make people laugh and feel protected.  His personality and presence lights up a room. His love and compassion has impacted many lives. Currently Dashawn is in critical condition but improving everyday. Despite the circumstances any help would be greatly appreciated due to the loss of wages and the support needed for his young son.  We are praying for Dashawn to have a full recovery and we are encouraged by all of your support.