Dear Ones,

At the House of Bishops Meeting at Camp Allen just completed last week a statement on gun violence was released which called for a day of lament on Wednesday March 14th, tomorrow, which marks exactly one month since the shooting at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.   With that day so quickly upon us it will be up to you and each of your people as to how you might honor that request.   This was a request not only from the House of Bishops, but directly from several parents, members of the Episcopal Church, who lost their children there.  They also requested that we show up, in mass, at the March for Our Lives on March 24th, either in Washington DC or in a city near you.   I hope you will seriously consider going yourselves and taking those parishioners willing to go along.   You can find the full statement from the House of Bishops here
You can also find more information at the Bishops United Against Gun Violence here

I will be marching in the Seattle march which leaves Cal Anderson park at 10 a.m. on that day.   You can find more information about that specific marches in your area or city on the internet.  Here are some I have been able to find.


At the Seattle march will meet in the northwest corner of Cal Anderson Park at 9:45am to organize. Look for the mural of Mr. Cal Anderson, and we will be there.  I would very much urge you to bring the youth of your parish and allow them to lead us.   If you cannot make it to a march, pray for those who do march, pray for our country, pray for those who grieve those lost to gun violence, and all violence here and across our world.