Dear Ones,

As a Board member of the American Friends of the Diocese of Jerusalem I am writing with a desperate plea for specific help for one of the ministry of the American Friends and especially of the Diocese of Jerusalem, Ahli Arab Hospital.  This hospital is the only Christian hospital in Gaza.  You may remember that I was fortunate enough to visit there in 2015.   With the terrible unrest of these past weeks the hospital is in desperate need.  Here is the latest update from John Lent, Executive Director of the American Friends

Ahli Arab Hospital is struggling to cope with the mounting toll of casualties from the protests in Gaza. At this point in the crisis, the hospital is in desperate need of medical supplies, surgical equipment, medicines and fuel for its generators. The only positive news from Gaza is that medical equipment and medicine are now available to the hospitals there through several international aid organizations and the UN.

Ahli Hospital sent us a long list of urgent needs, including medicines, a wide range of medical supplies and orthopedic surgical sets. Ahli also needs financial support to purchase fuel to run its generators. We can’t forget that hospitals in Gaza are operating with only 2-3 hours of electricity from the grid every day. Please give generously to support the heroic efforts of Ahli’s doctors and staff to save lives.

Ahli is a primary hospital in Gaza for surgery. Surgeons are treating catastrophic wounds incurred from live ammunition. Many of the casualties are gunshots to the lower body and many of them require multiple, complex orthopedic surgeries. Suhaila Tarazi, Ahli’s director, told us that their injuries are “devastating and debilitating.”

Ahli also is treating children for rubber bullet wounds, tear gas inhalation and trauma. The hospital has doubled the capacity of its special counseling program for children who have been injured themselves or have family members who have been killed or seriously wounded.

The Anglican Archbishop in Jerusalem, the Most Revd Suheil Dawani, told us today that the hospital has been “working around the clock” to serve the injured. “The wounded coming to our hospital have no money, but no one is ever turned away,” he said. “I appeal to all our friends around the world to give generously to this humanitarian crisis, as we, the Church, the hands of Jesus in this place, respond to this tragedy in love and compassion to the wounded.”

Please pray for Ahli Hospital – the oldest and the only Christian hospital in Gaza. Please pray for Ahli’s doctors, nurses and staff, for the victims of violence, and for all of the suffering Gazan families. Please give today to help Ahli Hospital obtain the medical supplies they so desperately need.  

With gratitude for your faithful support,

John Lent
Acting Executive Director

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