We are into Day 3 at Convention and it is a whirlwind as it always is.   I can’t remember on any day what actual day it is, and in fact, if you immerse yourself in this as requested, the rest of the world is simply ignored.   It is odd in a way, that for a collective saying it is so connected to the world, this convention takes you completely out of most contact with it.   A few years ago we “shortened” general convention, but as my fear then was, all we did is simply pack the same work into the remaining days and kept most committees working on “unofficial” days at the beginning.   In other words, not much changed.    For those that believe this is some kind of junket to exciting places, you should note that most of my days have started at 7:30 a.m. and have ended near midnight.   Sleep is precious and fleeting.   Your deputation from Olympia is putting just as much effort into it.  You should be proud of them.

The two most moving events so far, for me, has been the House of Bishops Listening Session on Sexual Harassment, and Misconduct.  It was much more of a worship session of Lament and Confession, and hopefully some healing.   I was one of the readers for the preparation for the night, having read and responded to two of the forty two letters received.   I was also part of the service, as one standing with those speaking, attempting to incarnate no one standing alone.

Listening session 2018

The second best for me was the Joint Listening Session yesterday on Racial Reconciliation, where her heard several diverse and wonderful speakers and then discussed in our deputations what and how we can facilitate reconciliation beyond these convention walls.

Your Olympia youth have arrived too! They were part of the very good joint discussion on Racial Reconciliation yesterday and there are many other Olympians here to do a host of things, GC Olympia youth 2018 selfie

Archdeacon Gen Grewell is part of the worship team, the Rev. Joyce Parry-Moore, and the Rev. Carola Von Wrangel have been spotted.   Roberta Newell and her daughter Althea are here to volunteer.    I am sure there are others.

Bishop Choi, former Bishop of Korea who resides in our diocese hosted Bishop Onesimus Park, Bishop from Korea in Snohomish, and hoped I would meet him here as part of our international visitors and I got to do that on the first day!

GC Taiwan Primate

I will try to find time to report.  I know that our Communications Office is also attempting to put out regular postings of daily events as well.

Bless you all back home, we miss you, and hope you will pray for us, and this, your Convention.